Hopefully This Apple Can Fall Some Distance From The Tree

Here’s a kid who, before this whole mess, looked to have a dismal future.

The nine-month-old baby’s situation was brought to light when a woman showed up at the police station with the little girl, saying she didn’t want to look after her anymore, and she could not get the mom to pick her up. Yes, this woman was just a babysitter, but she’d been watching the kid for two weeks. Police ran her ID through to see if she had any warrrants for her arrest. She in fact did have warrants, so off she went to jail.

Later, while police tracked down the kid’s mom, called family services and watched the kid, the kid’s grandmother showed up to try and pick up the poor little girl. While trying to make sure they wouldn’t be releasing the baby to a sex offender, police ran a check on grandmommy. She, too, had warrants, so off to jail she went.

Finally, when mommy dearest showed up, which took several hours, social workers were there, and they decided that the kid should go into protective custody. Amazingly, mom didn’t have warrants, although I’m sure she now has charges.

Hopefully now the kid’s future can start looking up.

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