>And They Haven’t Bagged Him Yet?

>this amazingly successful robber wouldn’t usually get the master criminals tag, but I think he needs it.

He decided to rob a Circle K and put something over his face to disguise or distort it. But he chose a clear plastic bag. What have we been told since we were little about putting bags over our heads? You can’t breathe! But he, apparently, only learned this lesson at the exact moment when the robbery was in progress. So desperate was he for air that he yanked off the bag, right in front of surveillance cameras. So, they got a nice look at him.

But the reason I debated putting him under master criminals was he got away! Yes, they are still looking for him, have been for nearly a month! I’m sure it won’t take too much longer, since he’s already shown his rocket scientist-like intelligence. Hey, maybe he’ll just waltz right up to cops and ask if they’re looking for him.

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