Unwanted Guests And Unwanted Presents

Man are we ever lucky when we had our drunken visitor. I can’t say that enough. Unlike us, a group of trusting college residents weren’t so lucky. When they left their door unlocked, a dude walked into their apartment, randomly walked into one of their bedrooms and flicked on the light, then used their john, and left a mess that needed 2 hours of cleaning the toilet to vanquish! What the hell did he do in there?

Not only did he leave a lot of poopy presents in the john, but he abandoned his pants, socks, cell phone and ID in the bathroom. I have no idea why. But police found his email address and sent him a message telling him where to pick up his stuff and urging him to apologize.

What kind of distress must this man have been in to leave that much of a mess. Was it similar to that assault on a public bathroom? And how long was he just wandering around pantsless? Why did he abandon them? Were they a lost cause too? Eeewww.

Yup, definitely lockin’ the door at night.

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