>A Thief Not Interested In Stealing Intellectual Property

>Now, how often does that happen?

For some inexplicable reason, a professor in Sweden who wishes to remain anonymous decided to leave his backpack full of things like keys, credit cards and a laptop full of important research data abandoned in a stairwell while he slipped into the laundry room. Of course, the obvious happened and it was stolen. While he was busy lamenting the theft of his important items and canceling credit cards, the backpack came back with most of his personal items, but he was missing the laptop. While he was somewhat relieved, he was upset that he lost the data on the laptop because he hadn’t been backing it up. But, lucky for him, the thief was exceptionally kind-hearted, and mailed him his data and personal files on a memory stick. Now the professor is feeling much better, since laptops can be replaced, but data can’t.

In an extra little twist, the thief has kept the professor’s library card. What an odd theif.

So there are two lessons to take from this. Back up your data, and don’t leave a backpack full of important things abandoned in a stairwell!

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