>Meetup.com Update

>I have an update to the Meetup.com saga.

1. They say they can’t make things screenreader-accessible at this time. And when exactly will that magic time arrive? I’ve been waiting for a year.

2. They told me to go make a suggestion about this over at their user voice forums. I want everyone with a screenreader to just try and put stuff into that forum. Can you? I sure as shit can’t. I put my suggestion in the edit field, and then I hit “create idea” button, but then it says one vote required to create the idea”, but I can’t see the right vote button. I can see vote buttons for other ideas, but none for mine. I also can’t seem to sign in. The sign in button appears to be completely mouse-dependent.

3. They offered me a coupon for half off my dues. While I sort of appreciate the gesture, what I would like along with that is a concerted effort to make their site accessible. Cutting my dues in half doesn’t solve the problem for anyone. I know why they did it, since I said “I’m paying you folks, I want to see results,” so I guess they thought the simplest result was “Well, pay us half as much.”

Aaarg. Really thinking about alternatives. Anybody know of any?

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