What A Wonderful World: The 4-Year-Old On A Ukulele Version

Around here we have a soft spot for music playing kids. I think it might be one of the only things that’s impossible for us to make fun of…unless of course they’re really bad or play horrible music, like say 90% plus of what’s been in the hot 100 and on top 40 radio since the mid 1990’s.

Thankfully for all of us, 4-year-old Lance here has good taste and decided to teach himself how to play What a Wonderful World on the ukulele. Enjoythe video,it’s just too friggin cute.

Two days ago I was playing this Louis Armstrong Album in my room cleaning up while Lance was playing in his room..and he went inside our room, sat in front of the pc and listened to the song..he liked it! 🙂 And asked me to repeat the song again and asked me to get the chords for him so he can play it with his ukulele 🙂 Even though he still needs more practice..i just can’t help taking his vid singing the song 🙂 Who would say the World isn’t wonderful when kids are around? 🙂

vid taken: april 15, 2010
Lance is 4yrs old

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