Holy Expensive Bible!

Here’s one for all the people who have tried to heal me.

Many times, during conversations where super-religious folk tell me I can be saved, or invite me to some kind of healing service, they ask me if a braille bible exists. Well, I’m here to say the answer is yes…if you can afford it.

I was poking around on The Braille Superstore’s website, and typed bible into their search box just for curiosity’s sake, and boy oh boy did I find a lot of bibles.

Where should I begin? Well, you can get the Holy Bible in grade 2 braille for $661.53, or if you can’t read Grade 2 Braille, you can get the Grade 1 Braille version for $856.41.

If you’re catholic, the Roman Catholic bible in Grade 2 Braille is $728.20, and it’s $939.49 in Grade 1.

Nope, You’re not losin’ it. That’s the cost of getting the whole bible in braille, and that’s the price set by a store that sells things at a reasonable price! It says on the main bible page that the bible is 36 volumes in Grade 2 Braille. I would have expected it to have been more, since the old Webster’s dictionary was 37 volumes. But what do I know?

So, the next time you get asked if there’s a bible in braille, send the person here and they’ll have their answer, and then they’ll probably faint, and not just at the sight of the cost of the bible.

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