Push Faster! Faster!

Can you imagine witnessing this jewellery store robbery?

Security camera footage shows 44-year-old Noemi Duchene and 45-year-old Luis Del Castillo arrive outside of Estate & New Jewelry late Tuesday morning with Del Castillo pushing Duchene in her wheelchair.

Duchene then gets out of her chair, covers her head and upper body with a large black trash bag and enters the jewelry store while Del Castillo waits with the chair.

Once inside Duchene pulls a kitchen knife and demands “everything”.

Store owner Linda Bradely decided not to comply and drew a stun gun in response.

“We’re chasing each other around like keystone cops,” Bradely recalls. “I knew I could outrun her because she was obviously not very quick.”

A store customer eventually tackled Duchene and held her until police arrived.

Seriously? I don’t know what it is about the story, but the image of a chick getting out of her wheelchair and trying to rob a place and only having the chair as a getaway is a funny one. Did she think that would actually work? I guess she didn’t have far to go, but still. And Was she hoping for the geezer bandit approach? And what’s up with the second person covering their face with a trash bag to rob a place in a week? Plastic bags don’t go on heads!

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