That’s Hot Stuff!

Hey Steve, Wanna try out The Steak ‘n Shake mentioned in this story? Although I have a feeling it may be too late.

According to the story, the Gann family, mom, dad, and their son, went out to eat there. A server asked the kid if he wanted hot sauce with his chili. He said yes. What he brought him was something called Blair’s Mega Death Sauce, and apparently it’s so hot that the kid had to go to the hospital!

After ingesting the chili mixed with the hot sauce, the child began suffering a severe physical reaction and was rushed to SkyRidge Medical Center for treatment. The minor reportedly broke out in hives and had difficulty breathing and suffered severe pain and inflammation of his digestive system, including his mouth and throat.

Just imagine the, um, unrest as the hot stuff made its way out the other end. Now, they’re suing because the server didn’t warn them about the stuff and encouraged the kid to have bunches of it.

Steve, I wonder how Blair’s Mega Death Sauce compares with that “Ass in Space” stuff they brought you at Sid’s when you scared them by eating all those crazy hot wings. Apparently, the stuff in this story is 500 times hotter than a jalapeno.

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