Their Scheme Faded Just Like The Ink

If only we’d had a blog back in 1996. If we had, this story of two teenagers trying to write bad cheques in invisible ink would be so up here. But then again, I didn’t even have an email address in 1996, and the word blog didn’t exist. But this appeared in Snopes yesterday and I had to chuckle.

I guess Jeffrey J. Pyrcioch and Heather M. Green thought they were pure geniuses. They would write cheques to people in what looked like completely legible ink, but the ink would fade by the time the person got to the bank making the cheques unreadable, mouhahahaha!

There were two problems with this little plan. First, the ink may have seemed invisible to the naked eye, but crime labs have ways of making disappearing ink reappear. Also, pens make marks on cheques that can be found. But the bigger problem was the cheques were pre-printed with Pyrcioch’s name and account number. Um, uh, now they’re in trouble.

Needless to say, the scheme didn’t work and they got themselves some fraud and theft charges.

Ah, laughing at dumb criminals never gets old.

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