Fall From Grace And From A Cliff Face

I read this story first, but had to write easier stuff before I came back for it.

Jason Michael Carlsen is suing Bethel Bible School students Sarah Elisabeth Koivumaki and Zachary
Gudelunas, and if things went down the way he and the Redding police say they did, he should.

The story goes that after a night of drinking, Carlsen fell, or was pushed, off a 200-foot cliff, and instead of calling for help, his two drinking buddies contemplated their situation for several hours and tried to heal him from afar. They also worked to remove evidence that they were there. They seemed more concerned with how they could prevent being kicked out of the bible school for drinking than saving the guy’s life. I would think leaving someone for dead would be a fine reason to kick someone out of a bible school. As a result of the events of that night, Carlsen is a paraplegic, and had to have a piece of his skull removed to relieve the pressure on his brain. He had to stay that way for two months. I’m not a doctor, but I’m sure if he had been rescued immediately, his injuries may not have been nearly as severe. Oh I’m sure he would have been in pretty rough shape, but it might not have been as bad.

But what makes this story especially dumb is before the fall, or push, Koivumaki just talked about how her brother had died from falling off a cliff. You’d think, considering how drunk Carlsen was, that they may have wanted to get a bit away from the cliff. No no no, let’s dangle our feet over the edge.

What an odd bible school Bethel is. I don’t think I’d want to live in that town. I’d probably be accosted by more obnoxious religious folk trying to heal me than I’d like.

Carlsen may have been a prick, but it appears he was certainly in similar company. He didn’t deserve that kind of neglect. I hope he wins the suit.

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