>Find The Bad Parent. Good Boy!

>Here’s a sure-fire way to make kids hate and mistrust their parents.

There is now a service out there that will allow anyone to rent a drug-sniffing dog. For $200 an hour, the service will bring a drug-sniffing canine over to your house. Think little Johnny has some pot? Bring over Ruphus and let him sniff around a while.

Or, how about being a parent and talking to your kids? There’s a novel idea. And hey, while you’re at it, you can even foster something called trust!

If when I was a kid my parents thought I was doing drugs, and before even trying to talk it out with me, they brought in a dog to sniff out my room, I’d be pretty upset. I think I would lose one hell of a lot of respect for my folks and it would shake my feelings of safety in the world. It might be one thing if after they found some drugs, they decided I need some words with a cop. But this sounds like the type of thing a parent would do before even taking those first steps of, ya know, being a parent.

I love this quote.

“I know that when my kids were growing up, every once in a while I’d have liked to know what they were doing,” says Wills, who’s having her own Labrador-mix, Heidi, trained to become a drug-detection dog. “The need is there. The desire is there.”

I know when I was growing up, mom knew what we were doing. A few times, we’d tell her things later that she didn’t know about, but for the most part, nothing slipped by her. In fact, I found her once sort of figuring out what was going on with dad. It wasn’t like she was spying, she would just notice clues that he didn’t even realize he was leaving. She used her ears and her powers of observation. She didn’t need a drug-sniffing dog.

What a sad statement.

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