>There’s Nothing Quite Like Some Good, Motherly Advice

>If you’re one of those who liked theletters from mom,I’m sure you’ll apreciate this handy and oh so useful tip I just received from her. If you ever get the sudden urge to run around naked, you should sniff windex first. It’ll keep you from streaking. There, don’t let anyone tell you that your mother […]

Donna Jodhan Wishes To Fix Some Federal Government Wagons

Well, it looks like Donna Jodhan won her lawsuit. That didn’t take long. I hate how vague this is being. It says the government has to make its sites accessible to the visually-impaired. But how? Are they going to make the fonts big and say they’ve succeeded? Nothing has been explained as far as what […]

All I Really Need Is A Song In My…Belly?

Fredrik Hjelmqvist, please explain to me why on earth anyone else would want to play audio from their stomach. You did it, and you’re weird, but why in hell would anyone else want to? Yup, that’s what he did. The owner of a hi-fi equipment shop put a battery-powered device inside a capsule and swallowed […]

And God Said Let There Be Sunday Shopping Supporters Falling Down At TV Stations, And It Was So

P.E.I. now has year round Sunday shopping like the rest of Canada, thanks to a private member’s bill introduced by opposition leader Olive Crane. But if Provincial Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley is to be believed,the Lord sure isn’t happy about it. Following an appearance on CBC Television’s Compass Monday, Crane slipped on the television set, […]