Sir, This Isn’t The Cockpit

Oh me oh my. What a story. Let’s just get to telling it.

According to reports from flight staff on an airplane, Neil Prendeville, a popular radio personality, just unzipped his pants and started wackin’ it while sitting in his seat between two passengers. He apologized on air for the incident, claiming that he had taken pain-killers and then had some booze and has no memory of the event.

But oh that isn’t all. This event happened on Lingus Airlines, seriously. I know the act he committed wasn’t that word’s close neighbour, but still. And the fellow is from Cork. Well, I guess he popped a few corks that night and that’s what got him in trouble.

Can you imagine being one of the airlines staff who had to stop his, er, fun? Hell, can you imagine being one of his seatmates? Eeewww. Or, just picture being among the 100000 listeners who apparently tune in to his radio show each day when he explained this little incident on air and apologized for it.

Poor guy. I think he’ll be more well-known for this than anything cool he might have said or done on his radio show.

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