The Keys To His Own Demise

Here’s why noone should deal with Cabral Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge. They would sell a truck to a guy with some pretty serious dementia. Yup, a guy in pyjamas and slippers who fell twice when they tried to pick him up from his care home where he had been staying. And they knew about his condition because his family had sold some of his vehicles back to them to pay his medical bills. But they still picked Donald Davis up, took him to the dealership, threw his wheelchair in the back of the truck, gave him the keys and let him drive off…in his pyjamas and slippers.

He was driving all fast, and caught the attention of the highway patrol. They chased him for a short while. When they got him to stop, they realized he was confused, so took him to the hospital…where he died of heart failure.

I think there was only one person who had any ethics. The one who picked him up didn’t feel comfortable with this, and said so, but they said to bring him in anyway. Then they lied to people who called looking for him, saying they hadn’t seen him. Now they have to admit that they lied. But they’re saying “no comment, no comment.”

I knew people who sold cars could be slimy, but this is pretty bad. Maybe the Davis family will sue them. Maybe they should.

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