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Right off the bat I need to be up front with all of you. I’ve been putting off doing this because while I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough stuff to fill out the post, I’m not sure it’s going to be all that good. I’m probably the only one, but I generally hold these things to a higher standard than most things I write here and don’t like to use the same jokes over and over again, which is hard when you’ve been at this for more than 7 years. I’m at the mercy of what people decide to punch into search engines and click on, and if they’re not original, then neither am I. But since Ro asked nicely, it’s high time I stop whining about it and start making with the funny…or at least with the as funny as possible. So if this sucks you can either blame Ro or remember that I warned you in advance, and if it’s good then I knew it all along, obviously.

14 Jan, Thu, 19:03:48
is ass grabbing a crime?

If it isn’t, it certainly should be. It will, however, get youshotin some places, which I must say I’m not totally against. By the way, you must be a lot of fun at parties and grocery stores.

14 Feb, Sun, 16:03:30
dick pound asshole

Not sure if this fellow is expressing an opinion on thepersonor sharing his love for a favourite passtime, but whatever the case, I don’t entirely disagree and stay safe, respectively.

25 Feb, Thu, 13:50:22
meaning of pounding

26 Feb, Fri, 11:33:07
smashin it

It’s nice when you guys can answer each other’s questions. See how good a feeling cooperation can be?

05 May, Wed, 20:17:21
how much guide dog a bone in a year

Think bout much as could be good what they need. Ask person know what mean you this by.

15 May, Sat, 20:50:32
movie about a guy that goes to jail and finds out who the judges son is and hes a very successful man then he frames him si they both goto jail and makes his life miserable

Does he make him more miserable than I am trying to make sense out of that mess? And yeah, I think I saw that one.

21 Jun, Mon, 09:20:22
professional poofreader

Clearly you need one. I on the ohter hnad, do not, sicne everyhting I writ is prefeckt.

06 Aug, Fri, 02:43:02
“these are your balls”

Sweet! I’d been looking for those!

24 Aug, Tue, 03:25:53
john cena has abig penis

Is it bigger than Randy Orton’s?

29 Sep, Wed, 16:36:35
i’m thirty six years old

That’s great. Want a cookie?

29 Sep, Wed, 16:00:52
steve’s feet stink

Shit, you can smell them all the way from Google?

08 Oct, Fri, 23:09:55
“i can’t feel my ears…can you ever feel your ears?”

This one seriously has me a tad concerned. Yeah, I can always feel my ears, I just reach up and touch ’em. If you can’t do that, how did you type this? And how did the doctor’s visit go? You did see a doctor about that…right?

15 Oct, Fri, 14:45:29
what can be shared with a friend

Things that can be shared with a friend include, but are not limited to:

  • beer
  • candy
  • secrets
  • ice-cream
  • AIDS
  • pizza

Hope that helps.

08 Nov, Mon, 09:48:33
ashley kirilow tap that ass

You know if you did that she’d just wind upfaking iton you. Oh, and stay classy.

08 Nov, Mon, 14:42:33
somebody is going to eat my pussy and cure my cancer

Ashley? Is that you?

You know, that wasn’t so bad. Thanks Ro for making me finally write this up, and an even bigger thanks to all of the miscreants and perverts who make it possible.

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