The Price Of Spending A Weekend Accomplishing Nothing

What is believed to be the final bill for the G8 and G20 meetings we hosted back in June is in, and it’s$857,901,850.31.

Much likeParatransit,this is both good and bad. It’s good because it’s about 25% less than the1.1 billion plus that the government had planned for,but it’s bad because well, it’s still $857,901,850.31 spent for no good reason.

Seriously, what did we as a country get out of all this money? Are we better off? Nope, can’t say as we are. Is the world a better place or headed in that direction? Nope, can’t say as it is. Near as I can figure it, the several truckloads of cash dumped into this useless money pit went towards thousands of people getting beaten, arrested and held in cages without having done anything wrong, several Toronto businesses losing much needed revenue, Toronto being shut down and then looted by hooligans, and us being lied to about what powers police did and didn’t have by the Ontario government and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, who comes off whenever his mouth opens as one of the most dishonest and untrustworthy sacks of crap in some time. But hey citizens, it was a bargain!…And the fine art we rented and thefake lakewe put in the middle of that giant building we built because we needed one for a couple of days were pretty nice, so it’s not a total loss…right?

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