Put This Guy In A Jail Cell With No Toilet, See How He Likes It

The story of what happens when you confine 40 cats to part of your home and then don’t give them a litter box sounds like a tall tale, but it’s true. Just ask the veterinarians who came to take the cats away from Kevin Lamar Addison.

Veterinarians were treating the animals Wednesday for conjunctivitis, upper respiratory infections, dermatitis, open wounds, urine burns on skin and fur and chronic narrowing of passageways because of ammonia levels in the home. Ammonia levels become unsafe at a reading of 25; it was 38 in Addison’s home.

Investigators and veterinarians entered the home wearing knee-high rubber boots, jumpsuits, masks and other gear to protect themselves from the filthy conditions, Ryan said. Clothes worn inside had to be thrown away. The home reeked from 15 feet away.

“The floor was so soaked with animal waste that it was moving. It was unstable,” Ryan said.

And Addison did this because he feared the strays were going to be rounded up because they were causing a nuissance. They’d be better off being rounded up. At least they’d be treated humanely.

Now he’s asking for two of the cats back, and Animal Services is saying “Not if we can help it.”

That’s just gross…and to confine them in that part of the house and then seal up all the windows is even more disgusting. I hope Animal Services gets that order from a judge banning this guy from owning any more animals.

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