He Put More Than Her Face On Her Facebook

Thanks Ro for the lead on this one.

There are two lessons we can all take from this little story. 1. Don’t give people you don’t know very well access to naked pictures of yourself, and 2. Do not give people access to passwords to important stuff like your email, banking info, and in this case, Facebook. If you do not heed these two little warnings, this may happen to you.

according to this kinda poorly-written article from NY Daily News, Joshua Simon Ashby had been dating a woman for nearly five months. Within those five months he had texted her threatening to kill her, and knocked her down breaking her cellphone. Wow, hang on to this one, sounds like a keeper.

Finally, in what a judge is calling a drunken rage, he logged into her Facebook and put up a naked picture of her.

At first, it was only visible to her friends. But oh no, that was not enough for Ashby. He modified the profile settings so it was available to any Facebooker. Then, he altered her password so she couldn’t pull it down. Now, because of all of that, he’s off to jail for four months, which is almost the length of time he was dating her.

I hope the woman learns from this little experience and a. picks better dudes to date, and b. isn’t so free with her private information next time.

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