I Like This Song A Little, Even Though It Sucks A Lot

The Colonel and the Gang – “Costs Just a Little, Love ‘Em A Lot”

This is by far the worst song I’ve heard in some time, but since it’s a rap song from 1987 designed to train Kentucky Fried Chicken employees on the finer points of making Chicken Littles and shoestring fries, I wouldn’t have expected it to be anything else. And when I say rap, I mean that in the absolute loosest sense of the word. At times I’m not even sure it qualifies as rhythmic. Oh, and who’s bright idea was it to use the words golden shower in a song about food? Forget the benefits of hindsight, I think this would have been completely god awful in 1987. But its god awfulness is exactly what makes it great, and I wish I had known about this years ago when we did bad music day at CFRU. So, Um, enjoy…er something.

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