Down Goes The Booze, Here Come The Cops, Where Goes My Kid?

Thankfully the story ofDylan Kurihara,a 3-year-old California boy who was the subject of an Amber Alert after going missing while attending a wedding with his father last month, has a happy ending. He was found safe and sound the next day and returned home.

Unfortunatley for Joe Kurihara, the boy’s father, his story won’t be ending quite as happily, but that’s what happens when you’re the reason for the Amber Alert.

Dylan and his father had gone to a wedding Saturday night, reported CNN affiliate KABC. When he did not return home, his mother reported him missing to police Sunday morning.

Police began their investigation and discovered the father had been arrested about 10:30 p.m. Saturday for public intoxication.

“The father, identified as Joe Kurihara, does not recall being with the child due to his level of intoxication,” police said at the time. “He was on foot at the time of his arrest and officers did not know that he was in charge of the child.”

Police then sought public assistance in finding the boy.

As mentioned earlier, Dylan was found safe and unharmed. He was found late that Sunday night sitting in a parked car, sleeping in his car seat.

Police haven’t decided what if anything they may charge Joe Kurihara with. There has to be something, but perhaps the fact that Dylan was found in a car seat might work in his favour since hey, at least he did one thing right that day.

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