He’s Just Putting On An Itchy And Scratchy Show!

I saw the story of Charles Lickteig, a supervisor of a sex offender treatment program, getting busted for exposing himself at a traffic light, and thought I should probably post it. Then I forgot about it. Plus I couldn’t think of much to say except hmmm…wonder how it’ll feel to be a member of the classes he used to supervise.

But now that his lawyer has spun a fine tale about how he wasn’t masturbating, but dealing with a poison ivy problem, I have more to say.

I guess he’s trying to save this guy’s career by saying that the woman just misunderstood, you see, and what she took to be him exposing his junk and masturbating was actually him trying to, erm, deal with a really bad case of Poison Ivy. It was really, really bad! Yup, because we often attend to intimate problems at a traffic light, while other motorists are watching. Uh-huh. That’s perfectly normal.

What’s even weirder is how long he took to, uh, deal with the Poison Ivy problem. A woman was able to drive up beside him, make eye contact with him, and then come back to the same intersection to get his plate number. Yup. He was just dealing with a Poison Ivy problem. I think he would have been far better off to go somewhere like a bathroom if he had to deal with something llike that, rather than playing with things in an intersection.

Good luck with arguing that in court. I’ll be surprised if it works.

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