There’s Nothing Like A Nice, Relaxing Drive With The Family

Some families have game night. Some families have story time. Some families have days at the park. And some families, well, some families havepass out in a car full of drugs in a gas station parking lot while the 2-year-old boy in your lap plays with some methadone bottles night.

Ashley Elizabeth Sangiovanni
Adin David Nicol
The driver, 29-year-old Adin David Nicol, and passenger, 22-year-old were unresponsive and did not appear to be breathing. Officers say they shook and yelled at them for some time but got no response.

When police opened the driver’s side door, Nicol nearly fell and dropped the baby from his lap. The responding deputy quickly caught the baby before he hit the ground.

Officers were finally able to wake both subjects. Five bottles of Methadone prescribed to both Nicol and Sangiovanni were found in the car.

The deputy also found Roxycodone pills along with a small orange straw that tested positive for opiates.

Each has been charged with child neglect and the Department of Children and Families is investigating. Nicol was also popped for a DUI, while Sangiovanni was hit with charges of Possession of Roxycodone and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Both are currently in jail without bond.

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