Which One Do We Take, The One With The Concussion Or The One With The Brain Damage?

Seriously, where do they find the ignoramuses they’re putting in charge of schools nowadays?

During a football game on October 29th at Del Mar High School In Campbell, California, Keanu Gallardo suffered a concussion. Sensibly, an ambulance was called to assist. But completely…unsensibly(?), when it arrived, principal Liz Seaburyblocked it from coming onto the field to retrieve him because it had recently been remodelled and was off limits to motor vehicles because they may damage it.Due to her actions, the emergency crew was forced to haul a gurney 75 yards down the field to get to the boy.

Seabury says that she was only following orders from the School District which may be true, but where’s the common sense in that? You can fix the field any time, but if you wait too long, there’s no fixing that kid. School principals are supposed to set a good example for the students they supervise, and mindlessly obeying a retarded directive from above at the expense of somebody’s health is pretty far from a good example. And if the district said no vehicles other than emergency ones, then that makes things even worse and I have to question whether Ms. Seabury is fit to make decisions at all.

The district superintendent, meanwhile, hasissued an apology to the boy and his family,and sent out a memo reminding staff that emergency vehicles in the bad places = A ok. Should have sent somebody out to slap them up side the head while he was at it.

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