I’m Messed Up In The Hospital, Smacked With Refried Beans

I really have to wonder if Dezmen Silas was taking lessons from the guys who brought a meat thermometer to a theatre. It’s the only way I can explain why he had a can of refried beans at a nightclub!

Carlos Harris, a bouncer, asked Silas to leave because he saw him light up a joint. But Silas did not want to go, so he got hoofed out the door by Harris. Somehow, in his travels, he picked up a can of beans, or had one in his pocket. In any case, surveillance footage shows him pulling the can from his pocket and hucking it at Harris’s face. I guess he gave him a pretty good gash.

Beans? Why? If he didn’t carry them into the bar, where the hell would he get a can of beans? That’s just weird.

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