>Tim Hortons, Now With Debit!

>Woohoo! This is pretty good news. In a few days, I can go in to Tim Hortons and pay by debit! Yes! Yes!

It’s always such a pain. If I decide I want Timmy’s, I have to make sure I have cash. What if I don’t know where the nearest bank machine is? What if I have to go to one of those private ones that doesn’t talk, so I have to get assistance, and then I get dinged for using one of those machines on top of it all? Yuck!

Now, if I decide to get a sandwich and stuff, or a dozen doughnuts, I can pay by debit. I’d feel a little silly putting one doughnut on debit, but I think a meal is something different.

Woohoo! Timmy’s isn’t all about cash anymore! The article says there’ll be a few Timmy’s standalone kiosks that won’t be able to do it, but for the most part, it’s gonna happen!

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