Motel 6: We Don’t Leave Cameras On You

Maybe pranks like this one are the reason the Sheraton has such fancy phones where you actually have to name the person you’re calling before you get through.

A 73-year-old man was convinced to

  • smash the TV with the cover from the back of the toilet to destroy hidden cameras,
  • throw the TV outside,
  • smash the mirrors to get rid of more hidden cameras,
  • and

  • smash into the next room to free a trapped midget.

he did all of the above. Needless to say, Motel 6 staff were none too pleased with Joseph Jones.

This guy went to a pretty high degree of effort. I mean, he was smashing at the wallboard behind the door to get to the next room. At no point did he think “Gee, shouldn’t the police be doing this? Why should *I*, a hotel guest, be smashing my way into other people’s rooms?”

It doesn’t look like the prankster will be caught, which is unfortunate. Police did talk to him, because Jones was stupid enough to give the prankster his cell number and he called while the police were there. But once he figured he was not talking to Jones, he hung up, and his number was blocked.

Man, it’s gotta completely suck sometimes running a hotel.

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