One Of The Many Things That’s Wrong With TNA

Matt Johnson has written a really good article for Slam! Wrestling explaining, essentially, why Vince Russo is a terrible wrestling writer and why TNA, in spite of all its potential, pretty much sucks and nobody watches it.

Admitting that wrestling is fake on the air makes no sense for a wrestling company. Why would fans possibly want to watch matches that are not even treated as real during the show? Why would fans want to pay attention to interviews that are admittedly scripted?

According to this (old and stale) approach, fans are supposed to think everything that happened in the past is fake, but the events happening in front of them at that second are real.

Problem is, this concept makes no sense. I will give a hypothetical example.

Say Matt Morgan gets called into Hogan’s office and told that he is getting released because he isn’t drawing high enough ratings. Morgan responds that he has an extraordinary win-loss record. Hogan says that a fake record in fake wrestling matches doesn’t matter. It is all about drawing numbers. Morgan walks away angry.

Weeks later, Morgan comes through the crowd and attacks Hogan’s cronies because he is angry about being fired. A match is set up between Morgan and Abyss on the next pay-per-view to settle it.

Now are we all supposed to believe that every other match was fake, but all of a sudden Morgan and Abyss are going to break into a shoot fight? Is the next pay-per-view going to all of a sudden be the first ever TNA pay-per-view where all of the action is 100% real?

You can read the whole thinghere.

Just one thing Matt, you might want to fix the bio at the end.

Matt Johnson has been writing for SLAM! Wrestling since 2008. He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a double major in English and Social Studies. In addition to writing, he teachers classes in English, Drama, and World History.

Hopefully Carin will say a few words in the comments about how she felt trying to watch Impact with me a couple of weeks ago. If she doesn’t I won’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to relive that experience either.

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