He Just Wanted to Show Them His Walking Stick

I have to ask the question. Is Paul Laurence Wadley that guy from Matt’s post from so many years ago? The story goes that Wadley used to be the police chief. Then he retired. Now, he’s been accused of flashing women on hiking trails, leaving photos of his parts on hiking trails, and sticking photos […]

The Stuff In The Store Was Free, But You’re Not

Here’s a weird one. There’s a store in Edmonton devoted to saving things from going into the landfill. People pay a couple of bucks to drop something off, and then it’s free for anyone to take. It’s called the free store. Yup, the free store. People just take stuff, ya know, for free. Well, somebody […]

Run From Those Dangerous Candy Canes

This whole story started with Christmas cheer and ended by sapping my will to live. Some students at Battlefield High School felt like spreading some Christmas cheer. So they called themselves the Christmas sweater club. They put on crazy Christmas sweaters, sang carols and tossed a few candy canes at some other students. But suddenly […]