Give A Dog A Bone, But Pay For It First

This video describing a dog who walked nearly 6 miles, shoplifted a bone from a grocery store, and then walked the distance home, made me both chuckle and feel relieved that the pooch made the journey safely.

I guess the biggest explanation for why she did it was she’s a Siberian Husky. You know what they say about huskies loving to walk and run. Her family even put up one of those invisible fences that are supposed to give her collar a buzz if she goes beyond that point. Well, it failed to do its job, and she crossed under two freeways, walked into a grocery store, grabbed a rawhide bone, and then walked back home. She was caught on surveillance tape, which I guess made the news, and the family figured they’d better pay for their pooch’s theft.

So, pooch and family headed back to the store, where staff said that’s the dog, yup, that’s the dog. They bought a new bone and then paid for the one she stole.

Man what a lucky dog. And I think the family had better get a refund on that fence.

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