>He Should Be Sentenced To Work The Drive-Through When His Friends Drive By

>Just what the hell is so ha ha ha ha funny about these fire in the hole pranks? The idea is you’re going through the drive-through and after you get your food, you yell “Fire in the hole!” and you throw it on the employee. Woo wee! Sounds like a great way to spend your Friday night.

Well, lately there have been people coming through the drive-through with home-made concoctions and employees have been getting burned. Now, one employee got seriously burned by a spinach dish.

People, go get a hobby or go do something useful. Most things you could do would be better than throwing food at people who just want to make a living like you do. What makes you feel like you’re better than them? And food is meant to be eaten, not thrown in someone’s face. Just grow up, get a hobby and stop this. It isn’t funny.

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