That’s One Sica Individual

We have yet another lesson to learn on the Joshua Simon Ashby theme. He has already taught us that you shouldn’t give nude photos to folks you don’t know, and you should not give him your passwords. Now, courtesy of David Sica, we have learned that you should never store nude photos of yourself in your email account. Also, you should make your secret question a little harder to figure out so a random person who doesn’t even know you that well can’t just answer it and change your password.

The weirdest part of this story is not that he broke into three women’s email accounts and then hacked their Facebooks, but that all three women had nude photos in their accounts. How the hell did he know they would all have nude photos? Is storing nude pics of oneself becoming a common practice?

He’s not very good at covering his tracks, though. All the pictures had the women’s names within the properties of the file. So, once they started complaining about trouble getting into their Facebook and email, and police had already tracked down Sica, it didn’t take long for them to tie him to their troubles too.

What a weird guy.

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