I Spit In The Face Of People Who Want Cheeseburgers At Breakfast

You know, this story about some woman suing McDonald’s because she says an employee spat in her face really wouldn’t even get my attention most weeks. Waaa waaa, someone else wants to take an incident that may have warranted a complaint to the manager and turn it into a demand for money. But because of all the talk of The “Fire In The Hole” incident, this deal makes me pretty angry.

Sarah Thienes says she drove up to McDonald’s in a cab at 3 in the morning asking for a cheeseburger. According to her, the employee rudely told her that they had changed over to the breakfast menu. So, she ordered a ham and cheese bagel, at which point the employee said she couldn’t have ham, only bacon. She got bacon and drove up to the window, when she was screamed at and spat upon. That’s her story and she’s stickin’ to it. She’s also stickin’ to the fact that she says she was injured and humiliated. Injured? Your face is so fragile that it can’t take a little spit? Maybe if the woman gave you some kind of communicable disease, I’d understand suing, but otherwise, shut up. Just shut up and go away!

You know who has every right to sue? David Almas, the recipient of the hot spinach to the face who is now being treated for second degree burns. He can sue that little punk for all he’s got and I’d understand.

I’m not saying that employees should spit on customers and yell at them. But that doesn’t mean the customers should sue. They should complain to the manager, and if they don’t get a response they like, they can tell all their friends and take their business elsewhere. that’s an appropriate response, not suing.

When will people realize that the courts aren’t there solely to settle petty little disputes and hurt feelings? Stop abusing them, and let them handle real cases.

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