Put Your Twitter Presence On The Couch

A while back, I was poking around Twitter to see who I could find. I found someone, but he had abandoned his Twitter account. But one of his last tweets referenced a site called TweetPsych. Because I’m always fascinated by quizzes and stuff, I thought hey, what the heck?

So I punched my Twitter username into the thing, which was hell in itself because I had to simulate a left mouse click on the edit field before it would take any text, and…um…it thinks I’m obsessed with the past, sex and money! Whaaaat? How often do I really talk about sex and money on Twitter? Even blog posts that do don’t usually have sexual stuff right in the title I don’t think. Maybe I talk about the past, but I didn’t think I really did that much of that either. Wacky. But I guess technically just using a verb in the past tense would be enough to get its mechanical analysis thingy to think I was talking about the past.

Wow. I don’t know what to think about this thing. Will it have better luck with your twitter account? Try it if you dare.

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