He’ll Have To Remember What She Did To Him So He Can Try It On Big Bubba.

Kevin Funderburk
Kevin Funderburk had to learn that you do not mess with a certain 71-year-old woman. If you do, she will whoop your ass with a frying pan. He convinced her that he was homeless and needed a place to stay. Then he tried to rape her. She was not havin’ this, and wack wack wack! This is how they found him.

“…he was unconscious and lying in his own vomit in the back of the house,” Moore said. “He was in the hospital in Wichita over the weekend and they stapled his scalp.”

It turns out that he *was* homeless. Maybe that’s why he didn’t try and get his bond lowered. At least now he has a home. And…how do you defend yourself on the street while wearing a neck brace?

Go lady! Teach him a lesson!

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