Why Is The Rent Money All Red?

There are two reasons I’m posting this. First, the idea of an old lady robbing a bank and a getaway driver who had no idea he was a getaway driver is hilarious. Also, driving up to the bank in a black jaguar probably isn’t the smartest plan. I mean, you don’t blend in when you leave.

The unfortunate fellow, Luke Even Weimert, was the son of the unnamed bank robber’s landlords. When he arrived to collect the rent money, she said she needed to make a bank withdrawal. Well, she did, sorta, but it wasn’t of the legal variety. He drove her to the bank and waited for her, she said she had a gun, the teller gave her the money, and she got back in the car, at which point Weimert drove off at normal speeds. Loo dee doo, I mean, what possible reason would he have to speed?

Police met up with them and arrested them both. They soon found out that Weimert had no idea the old lady just robbed the bank, but the poor sucker had another warrant, so they got him anyway.

My second reason for posting this story is the wording of the headline. “Cops: 70-year-old woman robbed bank with clueless getaway driver”

I mean, he was clueless, as in had no clue he was a getaway driver, but that wording sounds like we should be hearing strains of Yackity Sax right now. Did he reverse back into the bank? Did he run over the old lady? Maybe she fell out of the car. I think I would find a more fitting word than clueless.

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