An RDSP Is A What Now?

Oh dear. Why did I have to see this today?

BMO did a survey about RDSP’s and found out that hardly anybody knows about them.

I really don’t know why this is, since there was an insane media blitz which actually kinda amazed me. But I guess financial planners weren’t informed, and if you missed the blitz, you wouldn’t have a clue.

All I’ll say right now are two things. Stay tuned. I will soon post some RDSP-related goodness, well actually it’s not-so-goodness. And BMO, if you want to be a market leader in RDSP’s, how about you start crankin’ out the accessible statements and better training your investment specialists *before* you are legally obligated to?

I don’t have the energy to give that post the amount of time and dedication it deserves, but I will soon. And despite my long post ahead, I still say that the RDSP is a damn good plan. It just needs some work in its execution.

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