The 1950’s Called. They Want Their Segregation Policies Back.

Oh boy. I sort of understand what they’re going for, but I still don’t like it. I envision a very slippery slope, and I don’t trust humanity to avoid it. In Lancaster, PA, they’ve seen that having role models helps kids do better. So, at one high school, they’re going to separate some of them […]

>A Heapin’ Helpin’ Of Babble

>Enough chomp chomp chomping for now. Let’s just ramble. I haven’t rambled in a little bit. I had a weird thing happen to me yesterday. I went to the drug store to pick something up, and a girl that usually helps me out said “So, you’re here for something for your eye?” My eye? No. […]

The Post Office’s Thoughtlessness Towards Accessibility Is Enough To Make One Go Postal!

I was hoping to have something funny between angry chomping posts, but nothing funny came to me. So let’s go, chomp chomp chomp. Back in December, I walked down to the post office. I was going to send Ro her Christmas present. That’s a pretty simple task. I walked in there, got it all boxed […]