Gees! Temper Temper! No, I’m Not Talking To The Baby!

It sounds like Holly M. Razo should steer clear of the booze. She’s probably not the biggest prize while sober, but put some booze in her and oh boy.

According to this story, Razo decided to leave her eighteen-month-old baby alone at home while she went to a house a block away to drink and play some cards. She had no problem with this, even leaving her door unlocked. Then I guess she started fighting with the hosts, who booted her out.

But she wasn’t giving up so quickly. She came back and knocked on the door, with a knife in each hand demanding respect and saying she was going to stab the host. So they locked her out and called the cops.

She didn’t give up when the cops showed up either, biting and fighting all the way to the police station and through the jail. And only when the cops showed up did she think of her kid again. They say the kid was unharmed, but she probably won’t be staying with mommy dearest for long.

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