Identity Crisis

What’s with all these people giving bad false names?

First up, we have Jonothan Ray Gonsalez, who used the name Timothy Michael Koop Jr instead of his own. The problem was that man was wanted too. I guess he only had one warrant, whereas Gonsalez had 3, but still, one warrant will take you to jail.

Next up is a valuable lesson to anybody who habitually uses someone’s false name to avoid arrest. if that person ever gets a warrant, boy oh boy will it ever come back to bite you in the ass. Haahahahahahahaha! I cackle and howl whenever I think about this wonderful mess that Mario Miramontes got himself into. Hell, I can’t even finish writing it down without cracking up.

I guess this fella had been in and out of jail for a long long time. If he was stopped by the cops and he had warrants, no problem, he’d just give his cousin Christopher Ayala’s name. Ayala hadn’t had any brushes with the law at all, so they’d just let him go.

As things went along, people started thinking he was Ayala, and since Ayala hadn’t had any trouble with the law, they didn’t have his prints or pictures to compare with Miramontes’s. Then, When Miramontes tried the trick again, Ayala in fact had a warrant. Wooops! So off Miramontes went to jail.

But it didn’t end there. Once Miramontes told Ayala what was going on, Ayala turned himself in and got a lawyer. This was going on at the same time as Miramontes had been appointed a lawyer. But because of all the connecting of names, They thought Ayala’s lawyer was for Miramontes, so Miramontes’s appointed lawyer was told his services would no longer be required.

Miramontes sent many letters, but they fell on deaf ears. He spent 13 months in jail before things got straightened out, and it’s his own damn fault. I have not one bit of sympathy for him.

He’s suing. I hope he loses. And I hope this starts happening to more people who give false names. What goes around has to start coming around in spectacular fashion just like this.

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