Ashes To Crackheads

I think these five teenage burglars had better simmer down. Simmer down and get off the drugs.

They burglarized a home and took some jewellery and electronics. They also took 3 something elses that they figured were drugs. They just had to be. I mean, they were little jars full of powdery stuff. It had to be crack or heroin. Or maybe the cremated remains of someone’s father and two dogs. Oh, you already snorted the ashes? Too bad. If you got high, it was the placebo effect.

How the hell desperate for a hit would you have to be to look at something that probably was quite obviously an urn and go “oooo! Coke or heroin! Snortsnortsnort!”? But I guess if you’re already high, anything’s possible.

I wonder how sick they all feel now knowing they just snorted dead man and dog.

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