He Cut The Cheese, And My Friends!

So we have learned previously that people have pulled a knife over being told their feet stink. Now, Marc Higgins will do the same if people comment on his flatulence.

And boy did he ever. He was at a party getting pretty drunk and I guess he was passing gas a lot. Some others commented on his stinky farts a few times, and he even got slapped by somebody. Then he smashed a beer bottle and stormed out of the party.

But he came back later, with two butcher knives and went to town on four people out on the back porch. He intended to stab everybody in the house. One of his victims is now dead.

Then, he just randomly showed up at the police station, lay down and started saying “I did it. I need help. They deserved it.” Well you definitely need help.

Seriously dude. Stay away from the booze and lay off on the beans, I guess.

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