How I’m Feeling And Some Wrestling Stuff

I can’t believe I’m actually going to try to write something. Sure I’ve written a few quick posts here and there in the last week or so, but nothing huge that requires boatloads of effort and concentration. This may kill me, but here goes.

The main point of this post is going to be a few wrestling thoughts I’ve had floating around, but before I get to those, how am I doing?

We’ve talked a bithereand some on Twitter about me being sick since the new year started. Well to make a long story short, I’m still not well. The major problem that started it all is essentially gone, though I still don’t have my appetite back to where it should be and I tire out easily. The worst part now are the constant, debilitating headaches, but hopefully they’re now on the road to the end of days. I went to a clinic to get them checked out, and I’m now on 10 days of antibiotics for what they say is Sinusitis. Makes sense to me given how the headaches feel and some of the symptoms I’ve been having. I’m on day 2 of the treatment and the pills are starting to beat the hell out of me, so I’m hoping it’s for a good cause. I can’t wait for the first day of 2011 that doesn’t involve me feeling ill, being in pain or both. And as a small, historical side note, both my 16 year not needing to visit an ER and 13 year no need for antibiotics streaks have been broken this year. Here’s hoping my not needing to be hospitalized since I was a baby and they were trying to figure out what this blindness deal was all about streak isn’t next. Wish me luck.

Ok, on to the wrestling, or for 3 quarters of you, on to whatever the next post is!

*PWInsider is doing another one of those PPV pick ’em games. I entered again, not because I think I’ve got a great chance of winning, but mostly because I’m looking forward to another year of knock down drag out competition with Ryan S.

*I just heard that WWE is going to be releasing a DVD called The Randy Orton Experience. I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I have some inside sources and while there isn’t much information available, I can tell you a few things about what the Randy Orton Experience will involve.

  • The DVD will cut long, annoying, wooden, boring, monotonous, monotone sleep-inducing promos.
  • It will trash hotel rooms, throw fits when its not happy and generally act unprofessionally but will never face any serious consequences because the people in charge think its a star.
  • It will have bad matches that will derail the pushes of young, up and coming DVDs. this of course will be viewed as the fault of those young DVDs even though there’s an obvious pattern here.
  • There is also talk of including a special feature that would see the DVD injure its shoulder while pounding on the mat like an idiot when its doing that stupid viper thing.

*I’m sad to hear that ROH on HDNet will be ending its run in April. ROH is looking for another TV home, and I hope it finds one. I think there’s still room on television for a wrestling show that’s booked and presented like a true wrestling show. At least Ring of Honor itself isn’t going away, that would be truly sad. I’ve become a big fan over the last couple of years and would hate to see it die since it’s a great counterbalance to the stuff going on in places like TNA.

*Speaking of TNA, these people are stupid. I know there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about that statement, but their bothering of me has gotten me to my I must write this down point again.

The main storyline in the company right now involves the Immortal group taking over control of TNA from President Dixie Carter. They did this by tricking her into signing away her rights to the organization when she thought she was signing papers to have Abyss fired. This much makes sense, even down to the part where she would sign without looking things over. she was firing Abyss because he had just finished terrorizing her and her family, and she thought that Eric Bischoff was a trusted business partner. So far, so good.

Eventually we come to the part where Dixie returns and says that she’s going to be taking her company back. she’s in the process of filing court cases and going through all the legal hoops to put things right. Ok, you would expect that, and I’m even willing to kind of overlook the part where Bischoff invited her to the Immortal Thanksgiving dinner completely out of the blue and expected things to go well. That’s stupid, but nothing in TNA is perfect and I’m learning to pick my battles.

So now here’s where things get completely drooling on yourself because you have no alternative retarded. You’re in the middle of a fraud case that you have virtually no chance of winning. You could be facing some serious fines and even jail time. You’ll surely never be able to find work in wrestling or anywhere else again. Your life may well be ruined. What is your response? If you’re Eric Bischoff and the rest of his crew, your big idea is that you need leverage to use against Dixie’s side. So do you hire lawyers to dig up evidence that all is not as it seems? Do you try to enforce the contract as it is even though it’s a serious longshot? No. what you do is decide that the best way to gain the power, leverage and control that will allow you to overcome the odds is…wait for it….wait for it…winning all the titles in the company! Yes indeed, nothing says slam dunk criminal case defence like yeah, so what if we took over the company under false pretenses, we’re tag champs! What are you gonna do about it, bitches!? this is especially stupid in TNA, where the writing team wants us to think that everything is real unless they tell us straight up that it’s not. If this belt thing is supposed to work in real life, why did they take the world title off of Jeff Hardy when he’s in the middle of his big drug case? They must really hate the guy to throw him to the wolves like that.

I’m all for suspending disbelief and poetic license and whatever else you want to call it, but there’s stretching the boundaries of what would really happen and then there’s being totally bereft of logic and a clue. TNA does this belts mean power thing it seems every second or third week,but they’ve never bothered to explain what the power is. what do you get to control? What decisions do you get to make? Nobody knows, but we’re all supposed to. And in TNA the titles change hands every 37 minutes, so how much power does anybody truly have? It’s all so incredibly nonsensical, and it’s such a shame too because there’s so much potential in TNA if they could just get the right people running things.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m spent, a bit hungry and I think I might need to lie down for a little. I’m glad I made it through writing all of this without taking a break, hopefully that’s a good sign. I’ll talk to you all soon.

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