It’s Time For Another Edition of How Cool Is That?

I have more cool news. Remember back when I railed about how much companies were charging for a talking caller ID? Well, I didn’t specifically say it was a talking caller ID, but that was what I was trying to buy.

Well, Future Aids, or the Braille Book Store has come through again. We’ve already established that they rock. Back when I was first on the hunt for talking caller ID’s, Future Aids didn’t carry them. Now they do, and for the reasonable price that folks in the states can get them. I just bought one for a friend, and it’s the exact same unit that we had to jump through a thousand hoops to get back 4 years ago.

So if you’re in Canada, and you want a talking caller ID, no longer do you have to pay over double the price that Americans do for this thing. Give Future Aids a call.

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