He’ll Get Screwed In Court Too.

I’d love to know where Hubert Blackman has been living for, I dunno, his entire life. Somehow, he has not figured out that prostitution is illegal, so if you get ripped off by a prostitute, the cops aren’t going to help you, and suing probably won’t work either. You can tell that he’s filing this suit without a lawyer. No lawyer would go ahead with this.

I don’t know what’s funnier: the fact that he states that he has a “psycotic disorder”, or in this other version, the fact that the police tell him that they can’t help him and he could be arrested because prostitution is illegal, and maybe he should contact the Better Business Bureau. Seriously. Was the cop laughing? He had to be.

I’m sure his mother just wants to run away and hide after reporters showed up to ask about this lawsuit.

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