Common Sense Just Went Down The Toilet

This story of a three-year-old being suspended for a month from preschool for having a few accidents is such bullshit. This trend of getting kids into schools younger and younger and then not dealing with the consequences is total insanity.

Little Zoe Rosso is 3. She’s pretty good at making it to the potty on time, but sometimes she doesn’t. For that, she was being yelled at, escorted from the school, and being made to feel as if she was no good.

And what is this pile of nonsense about people at preschool not being comfortable changing a child? If you don’t feel comfortable doing things like that, then maybe you’re in the wrong profession.

An even better question is what is possessing some parents to try to start toilet training their kids at 3 months of age by a process that sounds downright cruel? Saturate them with drinks and then sit them on the pot. That just sounds straight up evil.

Did the people at this preschool ever think that stressing a kid out is bound to increase the tendancy to have accidents? It’s amazing what the body will do when under stress. Problems will become aggrovated. I know it’s not the same thing, but just hearing a teacher’s voice would make me not notice stuff and run into it. Once, I hit a chair so hard it folded just because I was trying to get as far from this teacher as I could. If the poor kid has a bit of an issue, yelling at them will only make that issue grow into a monster.

I’m glad Zoe’s family found a school with more sense. And amazingly, the accidents have stopped. Wow! What a concept!

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