Help Out NVDA

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a while. Just one thing led to another, and it’s finally going up today.

I think lots of blind folks have heard of NVDA. Ya know, it’s NVDA, the free screen reader. Probably lots of us have downloaded it and used it to see if it could handle something better than our primary screen reader. Well, now it appears that NVDA is running out of money. Even if they are a non-profit organization, they still have to pay their developers. They do this through a lot of grants. With the economy sucking right now, those grants have dried up and after July, they won’t have any more money.

But there is a way. If all of us who have downloaded NVDA chuck them 10 bucks, they should have enough money to get them through for the next little while.

Please help NVDA. I downloaded it, I plan to. I think the idea is awesome, and should be supported.

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