A Study On The Intelligibility Of Speech, Or The Twistedness Of The Human Brain, Or Both. I Don’t Know.

Ouch. My brain hurts. I just completed a study trying to rate the intelligibility of text to speech synthesis. You wouldn’t think that would be hard, but by the end, it gets fucking next to impossible! Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it. You listen to 198 nonsense sentences that seem to come at you at faster and faster rates and try to write down what you hear. By the end I was writing things that made no sense like “The autism bandit kicks the eggs.” and “I think I found traces of Harvey.” I was starting to wonder if I was losin’ it, or if they’d start to think so.

This study is only for people who have been legally blind since the age of 6 or younger. There’s another study for those with greater vision, and I have no idea what that study involves. There doesn’t appear to be anything for folks who went blind later.

Ug. My brain. It hurts. That was hard.

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