Susan The Speech Synth’s Lament

I am full of this crazy energy, but cannot focus it. It’s kind of what it looks like if I have one of those heavily-caffeinated drinks, or, if all is in the right combination, a cuppa soup. I just sort of run around in several directions and get nothing done, but boy do I want to do something! Anything! Anything at all! Just lemme at it!

So, I figured maybe if I did something simple, it could kick start my brain into being able to harness this power.

Last week, I asked on Twitter if anyone had the mp3 where this synthesized voice talks about how it can’t say certain words. Nobody came back with it. So, damn it, I figured out how to search my Qwitter buffers and root it out! Here it is, so I’ll never lose it again. Susan can’t say blag.

Have a good giggle. I love how she says “Help!” at the end.

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