Don’t Smoke And Dial

I have no idea how many methods there may be for determining how much trouble you could find yourself in should you get busted growing marijuana, but I do know that calling 911 and asking whoever picks up the phone had never crossed my mind as being on the list. It did however cross what passes for the mind of Robert J. Michelson, and as you would probably expect,he’s about to find out.

Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency?

Michelson: Uh, let’s not get into that yet.

Dispatcher: If it’s not an emergency you don’t call 911 sir.

Michelson: Well, I have a legal question.

Dispatcher: Is it life threatening or an active crime in progress?

Michelson: Crime in progress possibly.

Dispatcher: What’s going on?

Michelson: I was just growing some marijuana and I was just wondering what, how much trouble you can get in for one plant.

Dispatcher: You’re growing marijuana and you want to know…depends on how big the plant is?

Michelson: It’s only a seedling.

Dispatcher: Well, it’s possession. You can get pinched for a roach in the car.

Michelson: All right, thanks for the info.

Yes, that exchange actually happened, and you can listen to ithereif you’d like to hear a genius at work. He didn’t sound quite as out of it as I thought he would, but he did sound like a fellow who might be good for some weapons grade stupidity now and then.

Following this story to it’s logical end or at least to where it’s ended up so far, police had no trouble tracking Michelson down seeing as they had his address from the 911 call. He’s been released on bond, but still has charges including illegal cultivation, possession and possession of drug paraphernalia to deal with down the line.

And in a move that will surely score him points with the authorities, he flipped the dispatchers a nice double bird while he was in the police station, an act I can only assume came in response to them turning stoolie on him. It can’t be a reaction to poor legal advice.

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